FeaturesappointmentSCRIPT includes everything to launch your site

The plugin pack extends the base functionality of the application with some awesome features.

Doctor Review & Rating

  • Plugin enables public reviews and ratings which helps the patients in their decision choosing a doctor
  • Patients submit reviews and ratings for past appointments
  • For each new review doctor gets a notification
  • Doctor can comment/reply to the review
  • Patient can review doctor's comments on submitted reviews

Patient SMS Verification

  • Plugin ensures that patient have provided a valid phone number
  • Patient needs to enter mobile phone number during appointment booking
  • Before completing the booking process the patient gets sent a number via SMS
  • Patient needs to enter the number in the application to complete booking
  • Note: SMS are sent through Twilio and have additional costs

Doctor Self Registration

  • Plugin enables the doctors to sign-up on the platform
  • Without the plugin doctors need to be created by an administrator

Doctor Calendar iCal Download

  • Plugin enables the doctors to download all their appointments in an iCal file
  • The calendar file can be imported in other calendar applications

Patient Facebook Registration

  • Plugin lowers the effort to sign-up for the application
  • Sign-Up through Facebook
  • Same email address, new password is generated

Admin Appointment Management

  • Plugins enables administrators to access the appointments through the administrator area
  • Option to view, edit, confirm, decline, cancel and delete appointments