FeaturesappointmentSCRIPT includes everything to launch your site

Doctors manage their schedules and appointment bookings directly in the application.

Doctor - Schedule

  • Establish office hours
  • Set timeslot duration
  • Manage off time
  • Enter vacation times
Office Hours
Appointment Details

Doctor - Appointments

  • Create appointments
  • Confirm / Decline appointment requests
  • Enter appointment notes
  • View appointments in daily/weekly/monthly view

Doctor - Patients

  • View patient information
  • Review past appointments

Doctor - Profile

  • Manage personal data
  • Upload profile picture
  • Provide individual profile text
  • Set specializations and job description
  • Enter professional background information (education, awards and publications, conferences, clubs, affiliated hospitals)
  • Set accepted payment methods
Edit Doctor Profile
Office Information

Doctor - Doctor Office

  • Manage office data
  • Provide reason for visits choice

Doctor - Account

  • Change email address
  • Change password

Doctor - Reviews (Gold & Platinum Edition)

  • Read patient's reviews
  • Comment on reviews