FeaturesappointmentSCRIPT includes everything to launch your site

The seperate administrator area is where the main configuration of the application can be done.

Administrator - Global Settings

  • Base configuration (e.g. site name, contact email address, date format)
  • Enable/disable plugins (e.g. doctor self registration)

Administrator - Email Templates

  • Customize style and content of automatic emails
  • Placeholders can be used to dynamically insert data (e.g. recipient name, doctor office sending email)
Global Configuration Settings
User Management - Doctors

Administrator - Articles

  • Manage static pages
  • Articles consist of title and content

Administrator - Users

  • Manage all user roles (patients, doctors, assistants and other administrators)
  • Review and edit user profile
  • Assign doctor to membership levels

Administrator - Appointments

  • Review and edit appointments
  • Approve, cancel and delete appointments
  • Appointment access can be removed from the administrators for privacy reasons

Administrator - Reviews (Gold & Platinum Edition)

  • View and edit reviews
  • Publish and unpublish reviews
Appointment List
Insurance Companies

Administrator - Master Data

  • Manage specialities (categories)
  • Add and edit insurance companies
  • Manage associations
  • Provide default reason for visits for each speciality