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Made for doctors ...

Doctors have their own profile page. They can change their information, edit their availiable hours and approve or cancel appointments.

... and for patients ...

Patients easily find a doctor according to location, insurance and speciality. They can book and manage their appointments directly through the application.

... with admins & site operators in mind!

We love administrators! A modern, responsive admin area and an automated, customizable email system are some of the extras just for our admins.


The script comes with everything you need to get your appointment site business off the ground!

Edit Email Templates


Change the design and content of the automated emails to fit your branding. Manage master data (e.g. specialities and procedures) to fit your industry. Enable functionalities in the global settings to change your site's behavior.

Responsive Search Form

Responsive Design

The application comes with a mobile optimized design to make it work on all screens. With HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap the frontend is built with state-of-the-art web technologies.

Program Code Sample


You get access to the complete source code, nothing is encrypted or obfuscated. The clean and commented code makes it easy to customize and extend the functionality.

Appointment Detail View

Modular & Secure

Data security and privacy are a huge concern and built into our system. The access is divided into different roles (patients, doctors, assistants and administrators) to ensure a separation of duties.

Contact Form

Excellent Support

Our staff knows exactly how the system works and is here for you in case of questions or issues. We offer email support on all weekdays so that you can get quick help.

Doctor Profile

More Features? Sure!

We are constantly improving the product to make it easier for you and your customers. If you have change requirements our developer team is happy to provide you with a quote for a customization.


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